Pink as a Panther turns into Mr.Wu

In line with its new constellation Pink as a Panther turns into Mr.Wu! You are welcome to follow this development. mr-wu.com


US Tour

Pink As A Panther is on a short US tour at the moment, playing venues like the word famous Whiskey a go go or the Joint. For a better insight check out the tourdiarys in the ROADVIDEO section. Online NOW.


250 Members in the club!

The exclusive club of Pink as a Panther reached a level of 250! A very nice special is coming for all of you, seeing us live at one of the upcoming gigs between 4/12/2009 and 7/12/2009. For all of you, unable to get to one of those, watch out for the gig reviews to get latest news.


What's the news?

Pink as a Panther had to cancel a few shows, sorry about that. Certainly the boys will be back on stage and be sure that it will be big.


New Song

The club reached a number of over 200 members and a new song is available at the download section. Luz de Cruz featuring Rebel Rob. Enjoy.

We are working on the next level with another special for all the club members. Sign up and log in to be part of it.


Live TV!

Oh Yeah the next special arrived at pinkasapanther.com . Pink as a Panther TV is online. See the boys live show every thursday 20:00 till 20:15.

Another 30 members to go for the next special, whatch out.

By the way, the Disco Dude is on its way...


Beach Barracuda Video

Rumours are afloat, that Pink as a Panther are working on a Video to Beach Barracuda. Yeah! First shootings happend during last weeks and it will be released by the mid of summer. And it will be crazy...


I want you party

Party in der Asbergstrasse 1! Mitfahrgelegenheit ab GrĂĽndberg (vorm Spar) um 16:15.
pinkasapanther party flyer


Next Level

The club reaches a number of 140! A brand new Roadvideo was posted and somethin about a secret party for club members at the Pink as a Panther House in the Asbergstrasse 1 was comming up...

The next special will come after the club reaches the next level of 170 members.


Surprise, surprise!

The Wels - Rockarena backstage video from Pink as a Panther finally arrived in the new Roadvideo section for club members. Not really sure what the boys are gone do when the next level is reached, but we'll see after the next 30 dudes sign up for the club. A surprise package after the club reaches a number of 140 people!


Free Video!

Zac got a brand new video cam and did a few shots behind the scene at Rockarena Wels. Not sure if this tape should be published but if the club reaches a number of 110 he will do so! Tell everyone to sign up.


Next Song for free!

Hell Yeah, the Mastertape of Pink as a Panther's album arrived! You can already listen to some stuff in the player.
For club members only: full version of 6 songs in the download section. A brandnew song has just been uploaded as the club reached the number of 80 members. Another song will come...


New PinkasaPanther.com online

And it's good. The new site features all the goodies you need to be in direct contact with the band. An overall new club, audio and video support and loads of new stuff such as showreviews, rare downloads or the shoutbox/chat.


New Longoboards in Shop

Take a Load of the brand New Bandmade Pink Hell Longboards at the Pink as a Panther online Shop. the 2008 Autumn Edition is now three Boards strong, to cover all your needs. Supershort PORTO 68, Supermixed MOALA 89 and Supersmooth VITI LEVU 98. Every single Board is handshaped by Jonas and Zaccarias. Now you know what they do when they have are not touring.


Danzig meets Pink

Pink as a Panther has done some analogue sessions and has recorded Glenn Danzigs TWIST OF CAIN for all of you clubmembers. Download it for FREE. If youre not a member yet; join in.


Bus to Posthof

On the first of february u guys got the chance to go to the Posthof-Show and back by bus for FREE. Just text a short message to get further information on time and point of departure to: hell@pinkasapanther.com


Pink and Colt in Italy

See how life is like on tour. Pink As A Panther has supported Colt on a short Italy tour last week. Join the Club to download the freshest pictures. By the way: New wallpapers for clubmembers available.


Join the Club

Pink as Panther converts you onlookers into actors. Join the community to be closer to them rockers, to receive exclusive rawcuts of unreleased songmaterial, to get stickers, shirts, and party invitations.


Back on track

Summer has been hot and humid and gave `em rockers some chance to kick back and have a good time in all parts of the world. Some have been surfing some have done roadtrips others have done nothing but nothing. Pink as a Panther has spent some time recording a few new summer- inspired tracks; two of them are to be found at the download section.


Nausia but alive still.

Pink spent a week gigin` around wit their friends of the great rock band Nausia in Germany and Austria. Thanks to them lads for spending that overall loaded week with us. Next week Pink as a Panther are gonna be over at the UK for the fourth time to do some shows with, guess whom, Nausia, and again they`re gonna get, guess what...


Freistadt show canceled

Health problems make it impossible to celebrate the show in Freistadt on 5th of May. Sorry about that. STWST Linz on 16th will be the one to see the boys next, supported by their english friends NAUSIA and the local heroes COLT.


Tour 2007

Yeah. The boys have done their last show for this year and loads of sun followers joined. Sold out. As new stuff is created, the next swell is prepared. Pink as a Panther will be back in the UK, doin shows in Czech, Germany and of course, will be on stages in Austria as well. Confirmed shows will be announced soon. Further they'll spend some time in Morocco. Hunt for a good surf and catch some sunshine.


Soundtrack for Surfclip

Pink as a Panther's "Sunshine for the poor" was selected to be soundtrack for a surf clip featuring the Quiksilver Prorider Jose Gregorio in Morokko for Rapture Camps. Jonas and Zac joined the whole Team in Portugal, catching some waves and officially handover the tune. See the clip at www.rapturecamps.com at the podcast.


Longboarding is good for you

Finally the first Pink Hell Longboards are obtainable in skate and surfshops across austria and at the www.pinkhelllongboards.com onlinestore. Handmade in Switzerland with the assistance of swiss pro riders. Sunshine is cool.


Pink as a Panther meets extreme vocalist

Due to health problems Mick The Big took a little time out in the sun to calm down and find his way back on track. Since there are a few gigs on the schedule and you’re in the need for great shows Pink as a Panther is now doing a few with the awesome frontman and extreme vocalist of the band Fuckhead and Wipeout Dr. Didi Bruckmayr. Make sure u get to see some of these.


Back in business again.

Somethin' massive has grown during this winter. The ambitious work in the new living and rehearsal domain of Pink as a Panther made it possible to produce a variety of new sounds. They decided to bring this suff to sudio and make it available for all the people alive out there! Gonna be ready for shippin` soon...


Another unofficial gallery online.

A good mate of Pink as a Panther set up an external gallery, hosting loads of unreleased pics of the sunshinin` rockers. Click here.


Sunshine for the UK.

Pink as a Panther will cross the British Isles for the third time! They have been booked for a festival in Northumberland and some more shows there. This will happen in June 2006. Easy Rock`n`Roll and heavy sunshine for the UK. Hell Yeah.


Finally back home with a broose.

Pink Hell Rockers are back in town again. The Turned Into Stone Tour was a massive success. There was even time for some french coast longboarding sessions as you can see on the pictures taken. Further on there are new rarities available at the onlineshop and new pics online. Kiss the Sun, Yeah.


Signed tourposters available now!

Visit our shop and take a look at the brandnew tourposter for the Turned Into Stone UK-Tour. Fully signed, representing Jacqueline and her Camaro 69!
Again available reprinted Boosecroose posters from 2004! Limited to 50 pcs.


Turned into Stone UK-Tour confirmed.

After the awesome BooseCroose UK tour in '04 there'll be the Turned Into Stone run this year. Three weeks no shave, aviators, 1500 litre fuel and loads of slow motion heavy sunshine sound. Oh yeah, goin' to be a good one.


Fine Pink Hell Shop Online!

After floods of enquieries concering merchandising, Pink Hell set up a deluxe online store for all you ever want of 'em. Containing most wanted rarities and big hits. New stuff is comming soon...


Mastering news

Back from the Studio Pink Hell Rockers are now mastering the recorded crap in California. Downloadable as soon as back home again. Stay tuned.


Recording news

Pink as a Panther are gonna bew back in the Studio to record some new demo-disc containing three tracks. Luz de Cruz; All over red Rover and Lord Longboard. Downloadable soon.


Booking shows for UK Tour 05...

The first Shows of the upcoming Summertour are allready booked and This Tour is gonna be way longer than the last run. Most of the Shows are gonna be held in the UK, since this seems the best Place to rock for Pink as a Panther. Cu next summer dudes.


Needless to say

that the Show at the POSTHOF Linz was fuckin great. Pink Hell thanks everyone that showed up. Over two hundred People made this little Club gig one of the best ever played. The aftershow party took place in thie phat moarley of pink as a panthers tourbus.


Gettin ready

Pink as a Panther has not played any shows since P41 in Swizzerland, wich one was enormous. Reason for that is tat Pink as a Panther is introducing a new guitarist on the - back in the Steeltown - gig at the POSTHOF. Some new shit has been worked out to kick some asses. Even tho days are gettin shorter u will not see any Pink Hell Rocker without shades on stage.


Anotherone gone

The Heavy Duty Club Show(Dresden / Ger) has been cancelled. Crunchheadclub and Pink Hell are gonna be on stage together quiet soon tho. Not heard a band that sounds like those boys for a long time. Hell yeah.



Explosiv, Club 81 and Cafe Carina Shows are being cancelled due to Pink as a Panthers singers bad condition he's in at the moment. Sorry for that.


Back in Town

Pink as a Panther ist finally back home again. The boosecroose Europe Tour was a massive success. Pink Hell rockers want to thank everybody that shred stage every audience and every venue for the support. Thanks to Nausia, they were fuckin great and wasted youth for the great after show parties. We are definitly gonna be back next summer with twice as many shows across UK. Pink Hell appologizes for cancelled shows as their singers voice broke down after a month tourin.


I fuckin love England

Havin great nights here on the Island of Britain. Pink hell rockers are definitely gonna be back here soon Thanx again to the Rawkas, Joe and Nausia...


Greetings from Great Britain

As a matter of fact Pink Hell Rockers have finally arrived at GB and have allready played the first Gigs of their UK run. Everyones fine and bus still runnin.


Roll out

As Pink Hells UK runn is gonna start in the next couple o days Zac and his boys are preparing to roll out. As a matter of fact they will be on the road for more than one mounth without stoppin everythin needs to be fixed well. Make sure you join the one or other show and get some beer with Pink Hell.


Relaxe Jarn

While all Pink Hell Rockers are rehearshaling Jarn took a litle time out to see Amsterdam before he was gonna start the boosecroose europe Tour. From the cultural point of view Amsterdam is a kindo interesting town. Hope Jarn is gonna be back home in Time.


Ready to Roll

As the Tour starts in a few weeks everythin is tied to be fixed in order to survive that million miles roll. As the Tour starts new Shirts and stuff is with em rockers, so if you want new dressment come to a shopping trip to one of the shows.


Thanx again

Pink Hell thanx every ass kicker that in some sort o way supports em rockers. Thanx to all the fuckin bands that help Pink as a Panther fill up their tour with some hell boostin shows. If you feel like supporting the Steeltowners complete the list dont hazitate to contact one of the members. Thanx again


All Tourposters

are Printed by Zaccarias himself since hes got his own frame print studeo in his house. Besides building longboards Zacs also printing all Pink Hell T Shirts and mearch things. Dont bother it doesnt keep its colour.


In Search of

Pink as a Panther is searching for supporters in all kinds o businesses especially searchin for austrian breweries to fill up the bus with good austrian beer. Beer is besides steel the most wanted exportgood. At every venue there is gonna be some austrian beer with em rockers.



Vincent Zac and Ed ared gonna get ourra their Flat within the next few days. As they aint got nowhere to go they are going to stay at their rehershal room and the boogi bus for a while. As a matter of fact those three pals couldnt afford the flat no longer.


English boost

Thank God a hell o a lot english bands support Pink Hells summer tour so the GB crossing run is certain. Tourdates gonna be posted as soon as fixed. Thanx again to all of em supporters, this is gonna be a roosterboostin run.


Welcome on Board

Every band across europe is invited to assist the Boosecroose Europe summertour of Pink as a Panther, such as every location is. Just contact one of the members, and help em complete theyr 80 days croose. Hell Yeah.



Pink hell rockers are part of the very first All Freaks Sampler ever. Distributed Europewide by netmusiczone.com Watch out since all the bands gonna do a autumn promo tour crossing europe.


Live and Loud

See ensenada, the amazing Steeltowners at the ann and pat linz live, Pink as a Panther will be there as audience.


Let the beast awake!

10 tons hell on wheels goin' to roll out fist time. Hell Yeah!